The Conference: Week of the Population Census 2021 in Kosovo closes its works


Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has organized the Conference: Week of the Population Census in Kosovo in 2021.   

In this Conference were invited central and local institutions, such as ministries, agencies and other public institutes; municipalities and local government; international organizations (UN, EU and embassies); religious community, NGOs, civil society and media; and on the fifth day KASA, universities, researchers and various experts were invited.

The keynote address at this Conference was delivered by the Chief Executive Officer of KAS, Mr. Isa Krasniqi, who provided detailed explanations for the preparation of the Kosovo Population Census 2021, as well as the relevance and use of the data in terms of statistical comparability, accuracy, relevance and timely output provided to the Government of Kosovo, municipalities and local government and the EU, IMF, World Bank, etc., a better background for negotiations and decision-making that are based on the Census as a key instrument of a candidate country, that supports and accompanies Kosovo's historic process of EU integration.

Mr. Krasniqi said that “The Population Census 2021 will be fully in line with international recommendations and in accordance with the Acquis Communautaire (Chapter 18), which includes the methodology, classifications and procedures for data collection in various fields, among other, demographic and social statistics”.

Mr. Krasniqi emphasized the importance of the data from Population Census for MICS, demographic dividend, population projections, demographic planning and in the field of education; the use of the data on macroeconomic indicators (GDP, labor market and health); Census data in terms of security, territory, environment and migration, etc.; SDG 2030 indicators; on economic development, especially on foreign investment.

The purpose of this Conference was to announce the latest developments in the preparation for the Population, Households and Dwellings Census 2021, as well as to receive suggestions, recommendations and the contribution of these categories of society for the successful realization of this major, important project, not only for the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, but also for Kosovo in general.

A detailed presentation on the planning of activities for the realization of the Census 2021 and the budget plan distributed over the next five years, was presented by the Director of the Department of Social Statistics, Mr. Avni Kastrati.

Among the other topics discussed at the Conference were: data collection application methods (CAPI); presentation of questionnaires and presentation for communication and awareness raising strategy.

The conference was open for discussion.

The conference was held in the premises of Hotel "Sirius".