Donor Conference on Population Census in Kosovo 2021


The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS), with the support of UNOPS, has organized a Donor Conference on Population, Households and Housing Census in Kosovo 2021.

The opening speech at this conference was held by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Enver Hoxhaj, who among others said that "The Government of Kosovo considers the Statistical System of Kosovo as one of the most important systems of the country. Within this system, the development and strengthening of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics is considered as one of the top priorities within the advancements and institutional reforms."

Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Hoxhaj, highly praised the donor support to KAS, which has consistently assisted KAS in capacity building, the production of official statistics and the enhancement of the quality of statistical products.

In the end, he promised that the Government of Kosovo will support KAS in boosting statistical output, increasing human and infrastructural capacities, as it has been supportive in terms of developing large projects for the country. Therefore, "The project has full support from the Government of Kosovo also in the financial manner, therefore I invite the donors of this Conference to support the Population, Households and Housing Census 2021" - said Deputy Prime Minister, Hoxhaj.

Further, the speech was followed by the Chief Executive of KAS, Mr. Isa Krasniqi, who provided detailed explanations for the preparation of the Population Census 2021 in Kosovo, as well as the importance and utilization of these data, both in terms of statistical comparability, accuracy, relevance and timely production that they provide to the Government of Kosovo on the one hand and the EU, the IMF, the World Bank, etc., on the other hand, a better background for negotiation and decision-making based much on the Census data as a key instrument of a candidate country that supports and accompanies Kosovo's historic process of EU integration.

Mr. Krasniqi said that "Population Census 2021 will be in full harmony with international recommendations and in compliance with the Acquis Communautaire (Chapter 18), which includes methodology, classifications and data collection procedures in various areas, among them, in demographic and social statistics".

Mr. Krasniqi emphasized the importance of Population Census data for MICS, demographic dividend, population projections, demographic planning and in education; use of these data on macroeconomic indicators (GDP, labor market and health); Census data in terms of safety, territory, environment and migration, etc.; Census data and SDG 2030 indicators; Census data and economic development, especially of foreign investment.

Meanwhile, a detailed presentation on the planning of activities for the realization of the Population Census 2021 and the budget plan distributed over the next five years, was presented by the Director of the Department of Social Statistics, Mr. Avni Kastrati.

Subsequently, the Conference was opened for donor discussion where the representative of the EU Office in Kosovo, Mr. Samir Selimi, provided support for this Census by 1.2 million Euros, mainly in monitoring the implementation of the project and in the quality of data collection. Then there were discussions by the Embassy of Sweden, UNFPA, UNICEF, etc.

Representatives of local institutions and embassies and international organizations attended this conference.

The conference was held in the premises of Hotel “Sirius”.