Kosovo Agency of Statistics is a professional institution which deals with collection, processing and publication of official statistical data. As such acts since 1948 and has passed through several historical stages, structured according to state regulation of those times.  
On 2 August 1999, the Agency has resumed his professional work (after nine years of interruption of all statistical series detrimental to the interest of Kosovo), as an independent institution under the Ministry of Public Administration. Since 12.12.2011 the Agency operates in the frames of the Prime Minister’s Office. Office is funded by the Kosovo Consolidated Budget, but also by donors for specific projects and for technical professional support.  
Kosovo Agency of Statistics acts according to the Law No. 04/L-036 which entered into force on 12.12.2011. Strategic development plan 2009-2013 is the middle term implementation for the development of statistical system in correlation with the European Union statistics (EUROSTAT).

Kosovo Agency of Statistics almost completely covers the territory of Kosovo, based on the statistical structure of the enumeration areas as the basic unit and sole in the country from which it gets firsthand information. All surveys conducted in the field use the extension of the samples in these enumeration areas but also a statistical methodology according to international recommendations. During the collection of statistical data and reports from reporting entities are involved professionals, technicians, administrators, servants of the country offices, field enumerators from regional offices, etc.
The mission of the Agency; to meet the needs of users with qualitative statistical data, objective, in time and space so that users have reliable base to conduct regular analysis in the interest of planning and project development at the municipal and country level. To support government institutions, scientific institutes, research academies, businesses in order to provide proper information for decision-makers and other users in Kosovo.