Memorandums of Understanding/MOU

Kosovo Agency of Statistics Cooperating institutions Date of signing the agreement
KAS Civil Registration Agency 15/02/2017
KAS Cooperation Agreement with Kosovo Police 22/09/2016
KAS Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 31/03/2015
Privatisation Agency of Kosovo 29/08/2014
KAS Radio Television of Kosovo 02/05/2014
KAS Tax Administration of Kosovo 03/03/2014
KAS Ministry of Economic Development 25/10/2013
KAS Ministry of Transport and Communications (Ministry of Infrastructure) 12/10/2009
KAS Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport 12/10/2009
KAS Ministry of Local Government Administration 29/09/2009
KAS Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning 28/09/2009
KAS Ministry of Heath 22/06/2006
KAS Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Development 22/06/2006
KAS Water Services Regulatory Authority 22/06/2006
KAS Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo 04/01/2006
KAS Ministry of Finance 03/01/2006
KAS World Bank 09/11/2005