Women and Men in Kosovo, 2014/2015

  • 14/12/2016

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published a report on "Women and Men in Kosovo" for the years 2014/2015.

Results of this publication were presented today at the conference organized by the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, the project supported by Statistics Sweden (SCB) / Sida.

Upon the announcement of the results of the report "Women and Men in Kosovo, 2014/2015", the conference was attended by senior representatives of international and local organizations and institutions, with whom was discussed the importance of these data from European perspective and other.

Conference was opened by the Chief Executive of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics who thanked the international and local institutions, in particular the project of Statistics Sweden (SCB) / Sida, for the continuous support given to KAS for the realization of important projects.

Statistical data in this report are long-term with short analysis which reflect the gender situation in Kosovo according to sectors of economic and social life.

Kosovo Agency of Statistics used all the data sources available which offer a complete statistical information to assist in the perception of the gender situation.

Statistical data are collected and published disaggregated by gender, every two years, according to the following chapters: Population, Health and Welfare, Education, Social Protection, Judiciary, Labour Market, Income, Time Use and Decision Making.

Presentation of the report "Women and Men in Kosovo, 2014/2015” was made by Mrs. Sanije Uka, Head of the Population Sector. Mrs. Uka introduced some important facts emerging from this report:

  • Coefficient of masculinity was 110.1 males per 100 females - higher than the ratio of the total population;
  • Average age of marriage for men was 30.8 years and for women 27.3 years;
  • Data show a decline in fertility, 2 children per woman;
  • Employment rate for women was 11.5%, while 38.7% for men; and
  • Unemployment rate for women was 36.6% and 31.8% for men.

For more information about the report, "Women and Men in Kosovo" 2014/2015, visit: http://ask.rks-gov.net/en/kosovo-agency-of-statistics/add-news/grate-dhe-burrat-ne-kosove-20142015