Waste Treatment Survey (WTS), 2016

  • 27/10/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of the Waste Treatment Survey (WTS) for 2016.

The main purpose for the implementation of WTS 2016 is: the collection of statistical data from companies dealing with waste management; to provide stable statistical data; and create time series.

The results presented in this publication provide an important statistical resource for the current state of this sector.

Results from WTS 2016 show that the quantity of waste received for treatment was 62 461 tons, while the quantity of waste generated by the treatment process was 55 830 tons.

The quantity of waste treated in the country was 60 998 tons. Whereas, the quantity of waste exported by recycling companies was 10 871 tons.

Meanwhile, the quantity of waste collected at the landfill was 316 071 tons.The most recyclable material in 2016 was metal with 67%, plastics at 16%, paper with 9%, other material 8%.

Meanwhile, the highest exported material for 2016 has been paper with 6 128 tons.

For more information regarding the Waste Treatment Survey (WTS) 2016, visit: http://ask.rks-gov.net/en/kosovo-agency-of-statistics/add-news/anketa-e-mbeturinave-te-trajtuara-amt-2016