Waste Treatment Survey (WTS), 2015

  • 28/10/2016

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of the Waste Treatment Survey (WTS) for 2015.

The main goal for the implementation of WTS 2015 is: the collection of statistical data from companies dealing with waste treatment management; provide reliable statistical data; and create time series.

The results presented in this publication provide an important source of statistics on the current state of this sector.

WTS Results of 2015 show that the waste generated by companies that make recycling are: Total input

19 107 tons, or 34%; Total output 19 090 tons, or 34%; Total exports 16 791 tons, or 29%; Treated waste in the country, a total of 1799 tons, or 3%.

As a waste that is collected from companies involved in recycling waste and then exported, the highest proportion have metal and plastic, where the metal is 85.6% and 13.6% plastics.

The amount of waste collected in Kosovo landfills, according to AMT 2015, is 329 369 tons.


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