Waste Treatment Survey, 2020

  • 21/10/2021

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of the Waste Treatment Survey (WTS) in 2020.

WTS aims to collect statistical data from businesses dealing with waste treatment (regional sanitary landfills, medical-hospital waste treatment facilities), to provide consistent statistical data and create a time series for treated waste.

The results presented in this publication provide an important statistical source for the current state of the sector.

The results from WTS 2020 indicate that: in 2020 the quantity of recycled waste was 3 882 tons / year; the quantity of sterilized waste (hospital waste) was 968 tons / year; and the total quantity of waste treated and disposed was 450 229 tons / year. Compared to the data of 2019, there is a slight increase by 0.03%

In 2020, the quantity of waste treated, by type of waste and type of treatment, expressed as a percentage was as follows: metals (27%), plastic waste (47%), hospital waste (20%), paper waste and cardboard (6%).

The quantity of waste disposed in regional sanitary landfills in 2020 was 445 449 tons / year. Compared to the data of 2019, there is a slight decrease by (-0.02%).