Wage Level in Kosovo, 2012-2019

  • 29/05/2020

Publication under revision

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) issues a Notice to users of Official Statistics on the Report "Wage Level in Kosovo, 2019"

The report "Wage Level in Kosovo, 2019" contains data on the level of wages, divided by sectors: public sector, private sector and public-private sector. The data obtained from the responsible institutions, and presented in this report, are analyzed, calculated and disseminated through the report that has been made public. The data presented and published by sectors have been revised and are representative, while in table 1.1, column "Average wage" an error has been made, where from the primary indicators (sectors) the derived indicator (average wage) has been extracted, which is not applicable in these cases.

This error has become identifiable by users outside KAS and we are grateful for their comments, helping the institution to continuously improve the quality of statistical products.

According to the European Statistics Code of Practice (CoP) on the Principle of Impartiality, point 6.3 stipulates that: statistical institutes after identifying errors in published official statistics, they should be corrected as soon as possible and should be republished, notifying users in advance for changes. (Errors discovered in published statistics are corrected at the earliest possible date and publicized). Also, in the Principle of Accuracy, Point 12.3 specifies: Revisions are regularly analyzed in order to improve statistical processes. Such practices are also recommended by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, regarding errors and revisions.

Other international institutions that collect, analyze and disseminate statistical data, after identifying errors, recommend and practice their correction, through revisions of reports (additions to methodologies, additional data sources, series or international comparisons, etc.).

It is worth noting that the inclusion of data from the non-observed economy (informality) in the data presented, would level the same average wage, presented in the Report, but this issue belongs to the process of revision in a longer period.

Therefore, in conclusion, KAS notifies all users of official statistics that the said Report is being revised and analyzed and we will publish the revised Report at the time of finalization.