Tourism Capacities (Accommodation Units) in Kosovo, 2016

  • 14/07/2017

At the Conference on "Tourism Capacities (Accommodation Units) in Kosovo, 2016" held today, the Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) published the results of this research.

The introduction was made by the Chief Executive of KAS, Mr. Isa Krasniqi, who spoke about the importance of cooperation between KAS and other institutions such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Kosovo Police, for obtaining statistical data on tourist turnover at the Border Crossing Points of the Republic of Kosovo. He also thanked the lead donor of this research Swisscontact-PPSE project "Supporting KAS to improve Kosovo's tourist statistics with international standards". Representatives of Swisscontact-PPSE, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Kosovo Police attended this conference.

Meanwhile, the results of this research were published by Mr. Ismajl Sahiti, Head of Division of Economic Statistics at KAS.

According to this research, a total of 495 accommodation units were identified in 2016 in Kosovo, of which 464 active units and 31 passive units. The capacity of active units is 6 936 rooms and 10 985 beds. The largest number of accommodation units is located in the municipality of Prishtina, then rank Peja, Prizren, Ferizaj, and so on.

The main categories of accommodation units in Kosovo are Hotels and Motels. Hotels comprise 42% of total accommodation units, while motels 39%. In the rest, 19%, are included the other categories of accommodation units, smallest, such as guesthouses, hostels, guest apartments, bungalows and camping facilities, which are under development.

The number of employees in the hotel activity for 2016 is 2 791 employees, out of which 851 are female. Regarding the legal form of enterprises, 87% of them are Private Owned Businesses, while the rest of the enterprises are part of other legal forms.

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