The Update of the Enumeration Areas in 2020 has been completed

  • 28/10/2020

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has completed the project of Updating Enumeration Areas in 2020.

This project started in June of this year and aimed to improve the sampling frame of the enumeration areas for the needs of regular KAS surveys, as well as for the needs of preparing the cartographic and operational base for the Census 2021.

During this period, 2 300 enumeration areas were updated throughout the territory of Kosovo. The Update of the Enumeration Areas has registered all households in the field and has identified all construction objects within the enumeration areas.

Data collection was done through the CAPI (Computer-assisted Personal Interview) method through which KAS aims to improve data quality and shorten the deadlines for data collection. The CAPI method also has a more cost effective and is a more sustainable solution.

Through this project, KAS has a clear field picture for the data of:

Number of households,

Ethnicity of the household,

Number of households in a building,

Construction objects dedicated to housing,

Number of inhabited / uninhabited construction objects

Number of dwellings in the building,

Number of floors in the building,

Construction objects, inhabited, that are not found on the map of the Enumeration Area,

Construction objects that appear on the map of the Enumeration Area, which are currently not found on the ground (because in the meantime they have been demolished).