The Trust Fund Steering Committee Meeting

  • 21/03/2011

In the framework of regular meetings and intensification of preparations for the population census, the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Population Census in Kosovo is met.   Besides the members of this Committee, this meeting have also attended the minister of Ministry of Public Administration, Mr. Mahir Yagcilar, in capacity of the Chair Person of the Steering Committee, the representative of the Ministry of Economy and Finances, Mr. Melvin Asin from the European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo, Mr. Robert Watt (DFID), Mr. Samuel Waelty (SDC), Mr. Anders Berlin (SIDA), Mr. Pierre Weber (Luxemburg), and the Chief Executive Officer of Statistical Office of Kosovo, Mr. Ibrahim Shabani, and the representative of UNOPS, which manages the Census Trust Fund.

Minister of MPA, at the opening of the meeting stressed the importance of Census 2011 and expressed interest for a successful implementation of this project, taking into account the dedication and work done by all relevant factors involved in its preparations. The Chef Executive Officer of SOK, has unfolded the report on preparations made for the census process so far and has informed the participants that municipal census commissions are established, census material is packaged and distributed in separate boxes, the personnel is selected, required trainings for supervision are held and trainings for enumerators are ongoing. During the following days, on March 22 - 26, the distribution of materials in the municipalities shall take place. He also informed the participants about the steps foreseen to be undertaken during and after the census process.
The representative of UNOPS has reported on the areas covered and managed in this preparatory phase of the census project and on the action plan for the following days.  At this meeting, a particular importance was paid to the awareness and information campaign, which plays an important role to clarify and bring the accurate and fair information to the citizens on how to conduct the census, its importance and purpose.  
The Donors have commended the preparations that are being made​​, and expressed their willingness to further provide the necessary support, in order to have a successful population census 2011 in Kosovo and acceptable  for all parties. A joint conclusion of this meeting was that the process of population and housing census in Kosovo will take place as scheduled, from 1 to 15 April 2011. The Steering Committee of Multi-Donor Trust Fundprovides operational supervision and policy direction of the Population Census Trust Fund.