The Statistical Council of the Republic of Kosovo and the Kosovo Agency of Statistics have finalized the questionnaires of the 2023 Population, Households and Dwellings Census.

  • 01/03/2023

The Statistical Council of the Republic of Kosovo and the Kosovo Agency of Statistics held a meeting in order to finalize the questionnaires of Population, Households and Dwellings Census 2023, in accordance with the Law on Population Census, Law no. 08/L-114.

The Statistical Council reviewed the questionnaires proposed by the Kosovo Agency of Statistics and it offered comments and suggestions on the content, clarifications and definitions by the guidelines, manuals and respective documents.

During the meeting, members discussed the challenges in collecting the data considering the large volume of questions, sub-questions and options, as well as the application of technology that will be an innovation for this Census.

According to the Statistical Council, the clarification of the questions is appropriate by comparing them with the methodology of Census 2011 where the data were collected through paper questionnaires, while in 2023 they will be collected through tablets. The Statistical Council proposed that KAS should conduct a pilot or test to assess the comprehensibility of the questions and sub-questions.

The questionnaires were found to be in accordance with national legislation and needs, as well as international recommendations, and as such were approved for use in the Population Census in the Republic of Kosovo.

The questions, sub-questions and final options of the Census questionnaires will be used to collect the necessary demographic and socio-economic data for the Census. The Census Questionnaires, as such, have been assessed as finalized by the Statistical Council of the Republic of Kosovo.