The Results of the Agricultural Household Survey (AHS), 2015

  • 04/10/2016

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of Agricultural Household Survey (AHS) for 2015.

This publication provides data on the use of agricultural land, crops, and livestock, agricultural inputs (fertilizers, manure, and pesticides) and in agricultural spending.

The results of this survey show that the Kosovo area of agricultural land used is 410 478.8 he (including common land). Of the total area of agricultural land used, most regards to meadows and pastures (including common land) with 52.7%; and arable land, where fields participate with 45.2%, perennial crops (trees, vines, saplings) 2.0% and gardens with 0.1%.

Of the total arable land - field (185 385.5 he), corns take major share with 134 886.3 he (72.8%); fodder with 28 472.4 he (15.4%); vegetables with 7 859.2 he (4.2%); potatoes with 3 352.8 he (1.8%); legumes with 3 098.1 he (1.7%) and other crops 7 732.3 he (4.2%).

Area irrigated at least once during the survey reference period is 20 456 he, while the total area treated with pesticides is 115,083 he.

According to the AHS 2015 results, the number of cattle is 258 505 head; the number of sheep is 198 703 head; goats is 30 393 head; pigs is 44 149 head; the equine (horses, mules, donkeys) is 2577 head; poultry (chickens, turkey, ducks and goose) is 2,576,167 head; and the total number of beehives is 157,005.

The methodology and standards applied in AHS 2015 (definitions, questionnaire and manual) are harmonized with the Eurostat recommendations.


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