The Law on Population and Housing Census is approved

  • 22/07/2022

The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, with 76 votes in favor, none against, and no abstentions, has approved the Law on Population and Housing Census in Kosovo.

This law regulates the manner of organizing the enumeration process, defines the powers and responsibilities of the bodies that organize, assist and implement enumeration, documentation, processing, storage, publication of data and administrative measures regarding Census.

This law also regulates the territorial scope of the Population Census, the time limits, the holding and the process as a whole, the citizen's obligations to participate in the Census, the administrative sanctions and the jurisdiction of the responsible institutions.

The Census date and duration are proposed to the Government by the Kosovo Agency of Statistics. The decision on the Census date is taken by the Government no later than 9 months before the Census date.

The national Population Census project is conducted by the Kosovo Agency of Statistic with the support of central and local institutions and international partners.

The statistical data of the Census, on the key demographic and socio-economic indicators of the country, will contribute to better planning of national policies, and the improvement of sectors of vital importance for the citizens of the country.