The Kosovo Agency of Statistics held a consultative meeting with municipal leaders and representatives of the local level in the country, in the frame of the organization for the 2023 Population Census

  • 07/12/2022

Dialogue with representatives of the local level, mayors and representatives of local institutions in the Republic of Kosovo regarding the organization and progress of the Population Census activities, is an important part of inter-institutional communication and cooperation.

Based on the Law on Population, Households and Dwellings Census in Kosovo, the role and responsibilities of the municipalities in Kosovo are determined within the Municipal Census Commission (MCC) which is established in each municipality. The MCC represents the ethnic structure of the population, taking into consideration the legal provisions for the representation of non-majority communities.

The MCC is the institution responsible together with the KAS for the organization, provision of human and technological resources, provision of spaces for training and other activities before the start date of the Population Census in the country. The implementation of all normative measures and the delegation of responsibilities in time directly affect the quality and accuracy of all operational activities of the national Population Census project.

The mayors and representatives of the municipalities at the meeting expressed their willingness to provide human and technological capacities in achieving the result of presenting the real demographic situation, thereby influencing fair budget allocation, municipal administrative organization and the provision of services to citizens based on the situation and needs existing.

Representatives from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics presented the methodology and implementation approaches for the 2023 Census, with a focus on preparations for the activities of the Municipal Census Commissions (MCCs).

The organization of this consultative meeting was made possible by the Technical Assistance Programme, financed by UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund Office in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics, within the frame of the inter-institutional dialogue, will continue public consultations with important stakeholders in the country in the coming days.