The Government takes a Decision on the date of the Population, Households and Dwellings Census, as well as the Central Census Commission

  • 03/10/2022

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo at the 99th meeting, held on 30 September 2022, took Decision (No. 28/99) on setting the date of the Population and Housing Census in Kosovo (REKOS). According to this Decision, REKOS will be conducted in the period from 01 September to 16 October 2023.

According to this Decision, the Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) is obliged to start preparations for the realization of REKOS 2023 in the specified time period.

In the meantime, every resident of the Republic of Kosovo is obliged, during the Census, to provide the enumeration officer with all the correct data for himself/herself and his/her relatives.

Further, in its 99th meeting, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, with Decision No. 09/99, proposed sixteen (16) names of candidates for members of the Central Census Commission (CCC), whose list will be submitted to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo for approval.

The Central Census Commission (CCC) is the highest institution for the supervision of the Census (REKOS 2023).

The decisions are published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Kosovo VENDIMET E QEVERISË (Mbledhja 99/2022) - (Qeveria e Republikës së Kosovës) (, and KAS webpage Legjislacioni | (