The CEO of KAS, Mr. Isa Krasniqi met with Chief Editors / Editors of the media

  • 15/09/2012

Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS),Mr. Isa Krasniqi met with representatives of the media in Kosovo. The meeting was more informal, informative, productive and fruitful, related to Population, Households and Housing Census processes. At this meeting were also present the CO Management, and EUCEP's communication experts .

The aim of this meeting was to establish a proper communication with national and international media in Kosovo, to ensure a proper  and complete reporting on  dissemination process of  the  final results, derived from the Population, Household and Housing Census. At the meeting was pointed out as well the crucial role of media in facilitating the understanding of the Census results.

Among other things, Mr. Krasniqi spoke about the Census process,  ongoing activities, importance of the Census, and about upcoming events related to the final results.

In the meeting was held an open discussion on topics that may arise after  finalization of this major process, after release of the final results, where media interest was significantly high. The editors raised many questions on the application of  the Census,  methodology and preliminary results of the Census. The media welcomed the possibility of meeting directly with the KAS, and stressed the need for direct access in this institution in the future, in order to get first hand information and avoid secondary sources of information.