The Assembly of Kosovo approves the Government's proposal for the election of the Central Commission for Population, Households and Dwellings Census

  • 25/11/2022

The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, with 69 votes in favor, none against, and no abstentions, has approved the Government's proposal no. 09/99 dated September 30, 2022, for the election of the Central Commission for the Population, Households and Dwellings Census

The Central Census Commission (CCC) is the highest institution for the supervision of the Census. The Central Census Commission supervises the preparation, organization and progress of the Population Census in general.

In its plenary session of 24 November 2022, this proposal was presented and elaborated by the Prime Minister, Mr. Albin Kurti.

During his speech, Prime Minister Kurti said that the statistical data of the Census on the main demographic and socio-economic indicators of the country will contribute to the better drafting of national policies and the improvement of sectors of vital importance for the citizens of the country. Further, he mentioned the legislative regulation of the Law on Population, Households and Dwellings Census, the manner of organization, the process and the powers and responsibilities of the relevant bodies. Territorial scope, time limits, citizen obligations for participation in Census, administrative sanctions and jurisdiction of responsible institutions.

The Government of Kosovo, in cooperation with other relevant institutions, on 30 September 2022, has proposed the members of the Central Census Commission. The Central Census Commission consists of the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and members in this composition: Florim Isufi (Office of the Prime Minister), Ilir T. Berisha (Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Deputy Chairman), Besart Grabanica (Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers, member), Avni Kastrati (Manager of the Population Census, member), Enver Makolli (Ministry of Education, member), Ramadan Mramori (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member), Delvina Hana (Ministry of Agriculture, member), Mergim Neziri (Ministry of Administration and Local Government, member), Kushtrim Krasniqi (Ministry of Internal Affairs, member), Riza Murseli (Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, member), Justina Shiroka Pula (Academy of Sciences, member), Dea Pallaska (international organization in Kosovo, UNFPA, member), Besart Krasniqi (Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo, member), Edi Gusia (Agency for Gender Equality, member), Agim Ferati (Consultative Council for Communities, member) and Sazan Ibrahimi (Association of Municipalities of Kosovo, member).

The Population, Households and Dwellings Census in Kosovo will be conducted from 01 September to 16 October, 2023.