Statistics of Jurisprudence for Juveniles, 2017

  • 27/06/2018

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the "Statistics of Jurisprudence for Juveniles" for the year of 2017.

This publication provides statistical data on juveniles, accused and convicted juvenile offenders in 2017, on the manner of solving the indictment, the indictment motion, gender, the nationality of the perpetrator, the type of punishment and the pronounced measures for perpetrators of criminal offenses.

According to the results of this publication, the number of juvenile persons accused in the Basic Courts of the Republic of Kosovo in 2017 was 1 152. The largest number of defendants was in the Basic Court of Prishtina with a total of 453 persons or 39.3%.

Out of a total of 1 152 accused persons, 766 persons or 66.5% of the accused were convicted.

Also, the number of convicts was larger in the Basic Court of Prishtina with a total of 364 persons, or 47.5%.