Results of the survey on non-observed economy in Kosovo, 2017/2018

  • 28/03/2019

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) for the first time has measured the non-observed economy in Kosovo, by including four (4) sectors: transport, hotels, construction and restaurants. The sector of construction was measured for the year of 2017, while for other three sectors the measurements occurred for Q3 2018.

According to the survey (according to classification of NACE Rev. 2) about 34% of businesses deal with other land transport of passengers; around 31% of businesses operate as a taxi; while 29% of businesses deal with road freight transport; and 6% deal with urban and suburb land transport.

Meanwhile, in the hotel sector, about 47% of the rooms are with one bed; 41% of the rooms are with two beds; 7% of the rooms are with 3 or more beds; 4% are apartments; 0.1% are residences; and 1% other. The average number of permanent employees in the surveyed hotels was slightly higher in July (averaging 5.97 persons) and August (averaging 5.93 persons), compared with September (averaging 5.73 people).

In the restaurant sector, the most frequent activities were: bar, cafeteria (44%), fast food (34%); restaurants (31%); and clubs (1%). More than half of the businesses that were part of this survey reported that the business unit in which they operate with their economic activity is leased, about 54%; about 35% of businesses reported that the business unit is owned by them, regardless of location; while 12% of businesses operate in a unit that is part of their house.

In the construction sector, a common business reported that about 89% of the value of works carried out in 2017 belongs to the category of New construction; about 7% belongs to the category Maintenance and small repairs; and 4% Major repairs of existing constructions.