Results of the Structural Business Survey, 2020

  • 30/11/2021

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has released the results of the Structural Business Survey (SBS) for the reference year of 2020.

This publication, with the data it provides, aims to present some of the economic indicators according to the structure of economic activity.

According to the results of this publication, it turns out that according to economic sectors, the largest number of enterprises belongs to: trade with 16 614 enterprises, or expressed in percentage 41.5%; other service activities with 7 840 enterprises, or 19.6%; processing industry (manufacturing) with 5 357 enterprises, or 13.4%; accommodation and food service activities with 3 915 enterprises, or 9.8%; construction with 3 177 enterprises, or 7.9%. Other activities have a lower percentage.

In terms of employment for economic sectors which were part of the research, the total number of employees reaches the figure 191 021, of which the sector of trade comprises about 70 867 employees, or expressed in percentage, 37.1%; processing industry (manufacturing) has 33 841 employees, or 17.7%; construction has 21 705 employees, or 11.4%; accommodation and food service activities has 15 711 employees, or 8.2%; other services activities have 12 445 employees, or 6.5%. Other activities have a lower percentage.

Another characteristic, which is worth mentioning, is the turnover realized by enterprises, where trade dominates with a share of 54.5%; processing industry (manufacturing) by 12.9%; construction by 10.6%; electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply by 7.1%; other services activities by 5.2%; and other sectors of economic activity result in a lower percentage of turnover.

Regarding the indicator of the average monthly salary (gross), it is around 400 Euros in the activities included in the survey.