Results of the Enterprise Structural Survey, 2017

  • 04/12/2018

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of the Enterprise Structural Survey for the reference year of 2017.

With the data that provides, the purpose of this publication is to present some of the economic indicators according to the structure of economic activity.

According to the results of this publication, it results that, according to economic sectors, the largest number of enterprises belongs to: trade with 16 393 enterprises, or expressed in percentage, 46.9%; business services and other services with 4 943 enterprises (14.2%); processing industry (manufacturing) with 4 770 enterprises (13.7%); accommodation and food service activities with 3 599 enterprises (10.3%); construction with 2 664 enterprises (7.6%); transport and storage with 1 304 enterprises (3.7%); information and communication with 908 enterprises (2.6%); extractive industry with 154 enterprises (0.4%); water supply, sewerage, waste management and land revitalization activities with 132 enterprises (0.4%); as well as supply of electricity, steam and air conditioning with 55 enterprises (0.2%).

Whereas, regarding employment for the economic sectors that were part of the research, the total number of employees reaches 167 095, of which the trade sector has the highest number of employees, or 57 862 employees, or expressed in percentage ( 34.6%); processing industry (manufacture) 26 095 employees (15.6%); business services 19 859 employees (11.9%); construction with 18 206 employees (10.9%); accommodation and food service activities with 12 773 employees (7.6%); information and communication have 9 597 employees (5.7%); and other sectors have less than 5% employees.

Another important feature worth mentioning is the turnover realized by enterprises, where trade dominates with a share of 55.6%, processing industry (manufacture) and construction by 11.0%, supply of electricity, steam and air conditioning by 7.2% , while other sectors of economic activity result in a smaller percentage of turnover.

Meanwhile, with regard to the average monthly gross wage indicator, it is around 359 euros to the activities included in this research.