Results of the Agricultural Holdings Survey (AHS), 2016

  • 13/09/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of the Agricultural Holdings Survey (AHS) for 2016.

This publication provides data on the use of agricultural land, agricultural crops, livestock, agricultural inputs (mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and pesticides) and expenditure on agricultural holdings.

The results of this survey show that in Kosovo the utilized agricultural land area is 415 683.12 hectares (including common land). Of the total utilized area of agricultural land, most of them are: meadows and pastures (including common land) by 52.6%; as well as arable land, with 45.0% crops, perennial crops (fruits, vineyards, seedlings) 2.1% and gardens 0.2%.

Of the total arable land (187 222.87 ha), the largest is with cereals 134 570.91 ha (71.9%); forage plants with 28 914.30 ha (15.4%); vegetables (open field and greenhouses) with 8 320.94 ha (4.4%); potatoes 3 795.31 ha (2.0%); legumes 3 442.95 ha (1.8%); industrial plants 388.91 ha (0.2%); other crops 1 122.53 ha (0.6%) and wasteland 6.667,02 ha (3.6%).

The irrigated surface, at least once during the reference period of the survey, is 32 237.22 ha. Whereas, the total surface treated with pesticides is 115 014.23 ha.

According to the results of AHS 2016, the number of cattle is 264 971 heads; of sheep is 184 265 heads; of goats is 27 775 heads; of pigs is 42 309 heads; of equines (horses, mules, donkeys) is 2 353 heads; poultry (chickens, turkey, ducks and geese) is 2 740 467 heads; and the total number of hives of bees is 162 355.

The methodology and standards applied in AHS 2016 (definitions, questionnaire, and guidance) are harmonized with Eurostat recommendations.