Results of the Agricultural Holdings Survey, 2020

  • 16/07/2021

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of the Agricultural Holdings Survey (AHS) in 2020

This publication provides data on the use of agricultural land, agricultural crops, livestock and livestock outputs, agricultural inputs (mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, pesticides) and expenditures on agricultural holdings.

The results of this survey show that in Kosovo the used area of agricultural land was 420 209.54 hectares (including common land). Of the total used area of agricultural land, most belongs to meadows and pastures (including common land) with 51.7%, while arable land-fields participate with 44.8%; perennial crops (fruits, vineyards, seedlings) by 3.2%; and gardens by 0.3%.

Of the total arable land (188 371.71 ha), the largest part is with cereals 124 714.31 ha (66.2%); forage plants with 37 514.18 ha (19.9%); total vegetables (in open field, in greenhouses and gardens) are 10 115.45 ha, of which vegetables in open field and greenhouse are 8 982.76 ha (4.8%); potatoes 3 770.51 ha (2.0%); legumes 3 015.71 ha (1.6%); industrial plants 1 065.16 ha (0,6%); other crops 2 673.48 ha (1.4%) and wasteland 6 635.59 ha (3.5%).

Irrigated area or surface, at least once during the reference period of the survey, is 32 009.57 ha. Whereas, the total area treated with pesticides was 122 090.00 ha.

According to the results of the AHS in 2020, the number of cattle was 261 389 heads; of sheep was 212 131 heads; of goats was 29 557 heads; of pigs was 45 394 heads; of equine (horses, mules, donkeys) was 1 804 heads; of poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese) was 2 781 913 heads; and the total number of beehives was 262 541.

The methodology and standards applied in AHS 2020 (definitions, questionnaire, and guide) are harmonized with recommendations of Eurostat.