• 10/11/2022

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has expressed its full support for the Population Census project and the maximum commitment to providing all technological and human resources for the Kosovo Agency of Statistics in the realization of this project.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Besnik Bislmi, said that the Government will support the Census process with over 12 million euros.

"Statistical data in general, and Census data in particular, create the sample for all scientific research and the basis of the entire national statistical system. Therefore, in order to fulfill national and international requirements and standards, the Statistical System of Kosovo will continue to be developed by increasing the productivity and quality of official statistics in the country".

Further, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the important role of the Census in generating key indicators for measuring the country's economic and social progress. Compliance with all international regulations and standards, with particular emphasis on the European Statisics Code of Practice, will contribute to the fulfillment of the country's reforms and the path towards integration into the European Union.

Governmental institutions will be maximally committed to a democratic and comprehensive Census process, where the needs of all population groups in Kosovo will be addressed.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Emilja Rexhepi, in her speech at the Population Census Week, said that the Government will be committed to changing the perception in the public opinion that the Census is a political issue. She called on all ethnic and religious groups in the country to actively participate in the Census process as she said that this process essentially serves the needs and demands of all citizens. Also, she expressed the promise that there will be maximum commitment for social inclusion and fair information about the process to all ethnic groups in the country.

The best state experiences and practices of the Republic of Croatia in the Census were brought by the Director of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Mrs. Lidija Brkovic, through her direct connection to the conference.

The institutions expressed their readiness to support the diaspora in the Census process, saying that the country's diaspora is a unifying part of the economic and social progress of Kosovo.

"Diaspora is one of the key elements in our journey; from the diaspora in the last five years we have revenues of more than 6 billion euros. We lack basic information on diaspora investment in various sectors in the country and the exact number of our citizens living abroad"

Data from the International Organization for Migration estimate that 800,000 is the last figure taken from the year 2000, for the number of Kosovo citizens living abroad. With the data of the Population Census in 2023, these data will be updated and the exact number of citizens living in the diaspora will be known.

Mr. Vedat Sagonjeva, Director of the Office for Strategic Planning, OPM, spoke about the importance of statistical data of the Census in planning policies and measuring the progress of the government.

KAS Acting Chief Executive. Mr Ilir Berisha, on the third day of Census Week, spoke about institutional cooperation as a basis for improving the national statistical system.

The Population Census Manager, Mr. Avni Kastrati, spoke to those present about the methodology and implementation approaches where he mentioned the challenges and opportunities for the 2023 Census. The meeting was concluded with discussions on methodology, implementation approaches, and phases of project implementation.

The Population Census Week in Kosovo will conclude the activities of the fourth day on November 11, 2022. This activity is supported by the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA office in Kosovo.