Orchards in the Republic of Kosovo, 2014

  • 07/04/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published data on the "Orchards in the Republic of Kosovo" in 2014. This is the third publication which includes data from the Agriculture Census 2014. In this publication are presented data on investment grants and subsidies in agriculture, data from AHS, as well as some data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

This publication presents data on the total area of agricultural land, areas with permanent crops, wooded areas, such as pome fruits, core fruits, seed fruits, berry fruits and machinery and support mechanisms in agricultural holdings with plantations of fruit trees.

The data presented in this publication are aggregated at the national level, according to region and municipality (in some cases). The publication also introduced class sizes, as the number of agricultural holdings, as well as from the surface of plantations of fruit trees.

Results of Agriculture Census (AC) in 2014 showed that of the total area of utilized agricultural land, perennial crops participate with 1.9%.

Land area planted with perennial crops is 7 788.23 he. The fruit trees are part of the group of perennial crops and, according to statistics, this group has an area of 390.24 ha planted with fruit trees. From this, 3 519.66 ha are plantations of fruit trees. Number of Agricultural Holdings with plantations of fruit trees is 11 677, while the agricultural holdings growing troops of fruit trees extensively are 95 064.

Agricultural Holdings with plantations of fruit trees grow on average 0.3 ha.

Most of the area of plantations of fruit trees is planted with apples (56.1%) and plum (19.9%). Apples and plums are also the most important types of fruit trees that are cultivated extensively in the orchards in Kosovo (apples in this sector is spread with 34.3% and plum with 24.8%).

At the global level, according to statistics from FAOSTAT, China ranks first in the production of fruit trees to 33.3 million tons, which is almost half of world production, followed by the United States with 4.3 million tons.

Meanwhile, about 14.3 million tons of apples are produced in 28 EU countries in 2014. Apples are produced in almost all EU member states, but the biggest producers are Poland, Italy and France.

According to the Agriculture Census in the Republic of Kosovo (AC) in 2014, the cultivated apple plantation areas in total were 1 973.19 ha. Regarding municipalities, Istogu has the largest area of 272.63 hectares cultivated with apples, then municipality of Peja has 176.70 ha, followed by the municipality of Gjilan with 126.06 hectares, 111.93 hectares are cultivated in the municipality of Prishtina, Ferizaj with 104.28 ha, Malisheva with 96.58 ha, Skenderaj with 94.55 ha and 27 other municipalities (together) approximately 990.46 hectares.

Regarding pears, Asia as a continent is the largest producer of pear with 49.23% of world production, followed by Europe with 21.35%. The largest producer of pear is China with 15.2 million tons, US with 0.74 million tons. The largest producer of pears in Europe in 2010 (WAPA 2012) was Italy (680 000 tons), Spain (456 000 tons) and Belgium (285 000 tons).

For more information regarding the publication of "Orchards in the Republic of Kosovo, 2014", visit: http://ask.rks-gov.net/en/kosovo-agency-of-statistics/add-news/pemetaria-ne-republiken-e-kosoves-2014