Municipal Waste Survey, 2016

  • 10/11/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the results of the Municipal Waste Survey (MWS) for 2016.

The results of MWS 2016 indicate that the quantity of municipal waste accumulated in Kosovo for 2016 was 395 291 tons.

In Kosovo, data for 2016 show that the average municipal waste collected was 223 kg per inhabitant per year. Meanwhile, the average waste per inhabitant per day was 0.61 kg (waste per inhabitant/day).

Meanwhile, only in Prishtina and its region, the municipal waste collection was 0.60 kg per inhabitant per day.

Whereas, in other regions of Kosovo, the quantity of municipal waste generated per inhabitant per day was 0.61 kg.

In total, the quantity of waste disposed in 2016 in the regional landfills was 395 251 tons.

In 2016, 71% of households were covered by the municipal waste collection system.


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