Marriage Statistics in Kosovo, 2019

  • 10/07/2020

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the "Marriage Statistics in Kosovo in 2019". The data in this publication are based on administrative data obtained from the Civil Status Offices in Kosovo.

In 2019, a total of 18,757 statistical sheets for marriages were collected (DEM-3). These data indicate that in Kosovo in 2019 are married 17 577 couples-spouses.

Marriages by ethnicity are: Albanians 95.5% female and 96.7% male; Serbs 0.5% female and 0.5% male; Turkish 0.4% female and 0.5% male; Bosniak 1.0% female and 0.4% male; Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian 1.1% female and 1.1% male; while 1.5% are female and 0.4% are male of other ethnicities.

The average age of the married couple is 29.5 years. Of these, the average age of males is 31 years, while the average age of females is 28 years.

To marriages by age groups, dominate females age 20-24 with 5 750 marriages, or 32.7%. Whereas, to males, dominates the average age of 25-29 years with 5 663 marriages, or 32.2%.

The largest number of coronations were in the municipality of Prizren (1 646 coronations), or 8.8%; in the municipality of Prishtina (1 364 marriages), or 7.3%; in the municipality of Ferizaj (1 123 marriages), or 6.0%, etc.

According to educational level, dominate females and males with secondary education, where the number of females in this category is 10 757, or 61.2% and the number of males is 11 983, or 68.2%.

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