Marriage Statistics in Kosovo, 2018

  • 17/07/2019

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Marriage Statistics in Kosovo in 2018". The data in this publication as a basis have the administrative data obtained from the civil status offices in Kosovo.

In 2018, a total of 18 332 statistical sheets for marriages are collected (DEM-3). These data indicate that in Kosovo in 2018 are married 16 871 couples-spouses. Married females of Albanian ethnicity are 94.0%, while 95.8% are males of Albanian ethnicity; females of Serbian ethnicity are 1.1% and males 1.1%; females of Turkish ethnicity are 0.4%, and males are 0.5%; females of Bosniak ethnicity are 1.1% and males are 1.0%; females of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian ethnicity are 1.2% and males are 1.3%; females of other ethnic background are 2.3% and males are 0.4%.

The average age of the married couple is 30 years. Of these, the average age of males is 31, while the average age of females is 28 years.

To marriages by age group, dominate females age 20-24 with 5 398 or 32.0%, while males dominant age is 25-29 years with 5 341 or 31.7%.

Most marriages occurred in the Prizren municipality, 1 589 cases or 8.7%, then Prishtina with 1 285 marriages or 7.0%, while in Ferizaj were 1 067 marriages or 5.8%, etc.

According to educational level, dominate females and males with secondary education. The number of females in this category is 10 602 or 62.8%, whereas males are 11 701 or 69.4%.