Marriage Statistics in Kosovo, 2017

  • 12/07/2018

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Marriage Statistics in Kosovo" for the year of 2017. The data in this publication as a basis have the administrative data obtained from the Civil Status Offices in Kosovo.

In 2017, a total of 18 642 statistical sheets for marriages, DEM-3, were collected.

These data show that in Kosovo in 2017 were married 17 112 couples-spouses. According to the ethnic composition it results that married couples with  Albanian ethnicity of them 93.3% were females and 95.7% were males; married couples with  Serbian ethnicity of them 0.9% were females and 0.9% were males; married couples with Turkish ethnicity of them 0.3% were males and 0.4% were males; married couples with Bosnian ethnicity of them 1.3% were females and 1.2% were males; with Roma, married couples with Ashkali and Egyptian ethnicity of them 1.0% were females and 1.0% were males; while married couples with other ethnicity of them 3.1% were females and 0.7%  males.

The average age of the married couple was 30 years of age. Of them, the average age of males was 32, while the average age of females was 28.

Marriages by age group were dominated by females aged 20-24 with 5 500 or 32.1%, while males dominated age was 25-29 years with 5 278 or 30.8%.

According to the municipality, Prizren takes first place in Kosovo with 1 594 marriages or 8.6%; Prishtina with 1 420 or 7.6%; Ferizaj with 1 047, or 5.6%, etc.

According to educational level, dominated secondary level of education for both females and males. The number of females in this category is 10 946 or 64.0%; and the number of males is 12 312 or 71.9%.