Marriage Statistics in Kosovo, 2016

  • 14/07/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Marriage Statistics in Kosovo" for 2016. The basis of this data is the administrative data received from the Civil Status offices in Kosovo. Thus, in 2016, a total of 17 410 statistical sheets for marriages were collected, DEM-3.

These data show that inside Kosovo, in 2016, 16 051 couples were married, while outside Kosovo were married 1 359 couples.

The ethnic affiliation of female and male married is: Albanian (female with 92.2% and male with 95.7%); Serbian (female with 0.9% and male 0.9%); Turkish (female with 0.4% and male by 0.5%); Bosnian (female with 1.2% and male by 1.2%); Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (female with 1.2% and male by 1.2% women); While with other ethnic affiliation (female with 4.2% and male by 0.6%).

The average age of the married couple was 29.8 years. Of these, the average age of male was 31.6 years, while the average age of female was 28.1 years.

Marriages by age group dominate female aged 20-24 with 5 238 cases or 32.6%, while male dominate with 25-29 years with 4 877 or 30.4%.

Prizren municipality occupies first place in Kosovo with 1 486 marriages, or 8.5%, then Pristina with 1 372 marriages, or 7.9%. Whereas in the third place is Ferizaj with 995 marriages, or 5.7%, etc.

According to educational level, dominates secondary education to both genders. The number of female in this category is 10 037, or 62.5%, and of male is 11 476, or 71.5%.