Marriage Statistics in Kosovo, 2015

  • 28/07/2016

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Statistics of Marriages in Kosovo" for 2015. The data presented in this publication are presented on the basis of administrative data collection for 2015 from the Civil Registry offices in Kosovo; where collected a total of 17,494 statistical sheets for marriages DEM-3.

These data show that in Kosovo in 2015 were married 16,274 couples. Married female of Albanian ethnicity were 92,8%, while married male were 95,7%; married female of Serbian ethnicity were 0,8%, while married male were 0,8%; married female of Turkish ethnicity were 0,4%, while married male were 0,5%; married female of Bosnian ethnicity were 1,4%, while married male were 1,3%; married female of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities were 1,2%, while married male were 1,1%; married female with another ethnic affiliation were 3.4% and male 0.5%.

The average age of marriage was 29, 5 years. Of these, the average age of male was 31,2 years, while female average age was 27,7 years.

Marriages by age group: dominates female aged 20-24 with 5.604, or 34.4%, while dominates male aged 25-29 with 5,020 or 30,8%.

Pristina Municipality occupies the first place in Kosovo with 1,403 marriages or 8,0%, then comes Prizren with 1,325 or 7,6%, while in third place is located Podujeva with 1,206 or 6,9% marriages.

According to the education, dominates female and male with secondary education. The number of females in this category is 10,656 or 65,5%, and males 12,002 or 73,7%.

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