Kosovo’s Internet access is higher than the EU average

  • 22/05/2019

According to Eurostat's publication "Basic figures on Enlargement countries" – Edition 2019, in 2018, Kosovo had the highest percentage of households with home-based Internet access in the region (93%).

Eurostat has published the latest data on a small number of key economic and social indicators on enlargement countries.

This percentage is higher than in the EU countries themselves (89%). Also, in demographic statistics, birth rate (for 1 000 inhabitants) is highest in the region (16.8) compared to EU countries (9.9); mortality rate (per 1,000 inhabitants) in 2017 was 5.4, which is lower than in EU countries (10.3). Meanwhile, the proportion of students enrolling in tertiary education (per 100 inhabitants), Kosovo has 7.0 compared to EU countries (3.8).

Eurostat monitors the progress of enlargement countries in line with the EU Acquis (the body of EU legislation) in the field of statistics, by gathering a wide range of data from each country. These statistics are considered necessary for measuring progress and providing information on the effectiveness of enlargement policies and assistance programs. Enlargement countries are expected to increase the volume and quality of their data and transmit them to Eurostat. In return, Eurostat provides technical assistance and support to national statistical authorities. The ultimate goal is to provide high-quality harmonized data that matches European and international standards.

For more information on the publication "Basic figures on Enlargement countries", visit: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/en/web/products-catalogues/-/KS-03-19-048