KAS representatives were received in a meeting by the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Mr. Memli Krasniqi

  • 09/02/2023

The meeting discussed the implementation of the Population Census in Kosovo during the period 01 September – 16 October, 2023.

Mr. Krasniqi expressed support for the Population Census as one of the most important national projects. The Population Census will provide important data on the main demographic and socio-economic indicators of the country; it is in the interest of all parties and important actors in the country that the Census process is successfully conducted as a basis for fulfilling international obligations for the improvement of the Statistical System of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics, in cooperation with all important actors in the country, will be committed to the maximum that the process of Census is carried out in accordance with international recommendations and on the basis of models and best state practices.