International Trade Statistics (ITS), July 2016

  • 30/08/2016

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published data regarding the flow of exports and imports of goods for the month of July 2016.

Data from the Kosovo External Trade indicate a higher trade deficit of 210.5 million Euro, or 0.5% in July 2016 compared to a deficit of 209.4 million Euro of the same period of 2015. Exports covers imports by 12.6%.

Exports of goods in July 2016 were worth 30.3 million Euro, while imports were 240.9 million Euro, which is a decline by (-17.0%) for exports and (-2.1%) for imports compared to the same period 2015.

According to the main export groups: 32.3% are mineral products; 31.6% are base metals and articles thereof; 8.9% are prepared foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco; 7.1% are plastics, rubber and articles thereof; Constituting 6.0% of plant products; 2.6% are machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment; 2.5% make up the various items produced; 1.8% are textile and articles thereof, etc.

According to data of main import groups: 14.3% of import consists of prepared food, beverage and tobacco; 13.1% are machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment; 12.0% are mineral products; 9.6% are base metals and articles thereof; 7.4% are means of transport; 7.1% are products of the chemical industry; 6.8% are plastics, rubber and articles thereof, etc.

Exports to EU countries amounted to 5.0 million Euro, or approximately 16.7% of total exports, with a decrease of (-65.4%). The main partners for export of goods to the EU are Bulgaria (3.9%), Germany (3.2%), Netherlands (3.2%), and Italy (1.8%).

But Kosovo's imports from EU countries are about 107,4 million Euro, or 44.6% of total imports, a decrease of (-0.9%). Imports were higher participation were from: Germany (12.5%), Italy (8.1%), Greece (4.2%), etc.

Meanwhile, Kosovo's exports with CEFTA countries in July 2016 amounted to 15.7 million Euro, or 51.8% of total exports, with an increase of 8.5%. While the main export partners of the CEFTA countries are: Serbia (23.1%), Albania (11.4%), Macedonia (11.1%) and Montenegro (4.0%).

Imports from CEFTA countries in July 2016 amounted to 61.6 million Euro, or 25.6% of total imports, which had decreased to (-9.1%). While countries with the highest participation for import were: Serbia (13.0%), Macedonia (5.3%), Albania (4.1%) and B&H (2.7%).

Exports to other countries totalled 9.5 million Euro, or 31.5%. While, as the most important partners of these countries for export are: Switzerland (5.6%), India (2.4%) and Turkey (1.9%).

Imports of Kosovo with other countries of the world amounted to 71.9 million Euro, or 29.8%. Countries with the highest participation of import in this group are: China (11.9%) and Turkey (9.3%).


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