International Trade Statistics (ITS), 2016

  • 08/06/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published data on export and import flows for 2016.

Data from Kosovo International Trade show a trade deficit of 2 479.8 million euros, or expressed as a percentage, the trade deficit was higher by 7.4% compared to 2015. So even in this year we have a negative balance. The total exports in 2016 were 309.6 million euros, while the total of imports was 2 789.4 million euros. Export covers imports for only 11.1%.

Comparing export data for Kosovo goods during 2016 with those of 2015, figures show an annual decline of (-4.8%). Decrease, which has further increased Kosovo's negative trade balance.

Meanwhile, trade data for Kosovo's import of goods in 2016 recorded an annual growth of about 5.9%, comparing with the previous year 2015.

Kosovo's exports to EU countries amounted to 69.9 million euros, or 22.6% of total exports, down by 34.0%. The main exporters of goods in the EU were: Germany 4.5%, Holland 3.8%, Bulgaria 3.6% and Austria 2.2%.

Kosovo's imports from EU countries were about 1 202.1 million euros, or 43.1% of total imports, with an increase of 8.0%. The highest share of imports were from Germany (12.3%), Italy (7.3%), Greece (4.2%), Poland (2.7%) and Slovenia (2.2%).

Meanwhile, during 2016, Kosovo's exports to CEFTA countries reached 144.2 million euros, or 46.6% of total exports, an increase of 16.6%. The main export partners in CEFTA countries were Albania (13.6%), Serbia (13.3%), Macedonia (12.5%) and Montenegro (4.5%).

While imports from CEFTA countries in 2016 reached 753.1 million euros, or 27.0% of total imports, down by (-2.1%). The countries with the highest share of imports were: Serbia (13.9%), Macedonia (5.6%) and Albania (4.2%).

Kosovo's exports to other countries reached 95.3 million euros, or 30.8%. The most important export partners were Kazakhstan (12.6), Switzerland (5.4%), China (3.8%) and India (3.0%).

Meanwhile, Kosovo's imports to other countries reached 834.1 million euros, or 29.9%. The countries with the highest share of imports in this group were: Turkey (10.3%) and China (9.3%).

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