International Trade Statistics, December 2017

  • 24/01/2018

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published data on the flow of exports and imports for December 2017.

Data from Kosovo International Trade show a higher trade deficit of 8.5% in December 2017, compared to the same period of 2016, ie in the amount of 267,8 million euros, compared to the deficit of 246, 9 million euros in 2016. Export covered import by 9.9%.

Exports of goods in December 2017 amounted to 29,4 million euros, while imports amounted to 29,.3 million euros, an increase of 20.2% for exports and 9.5% for imports, compared with the same period of 2016.

According to the data of the main groups for export: 42.8% of exports are made up of base metals and articles thereof; 12.3% consists of prepared foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco; 9.4% consists of plastics, rubber and articles thereof; 9.0% consists of mineral products; 5.9% consists of plant products; 4.7% is made up of textiles and articles, etc.

Whereas, according to the data of the main groups for import: 15.3% of imports constitute mineral products; 14.2% consists of machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment; 13.3% comprise prepared foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco; 13.0% constitute the means of transport; 8.7% consists of basic metals and articles thereof; 6.4% consists of chemical industry products; 4.8% consists of plastics, rubber and articles thereof; 4.7% consists of plant products; 4.0% consists of textiles and articles thereof, etc.

Kosovo's exports to EU countries amounted to 6,8 million euros, or about 23.3% of total exports, with a 35.3% increase. The main partners for export of goods to EU are: Germany (6.2%), Netherlands (3.9%), Great Britain (3.6), Bulgaria (2.7%), etc.

Kosovo's imports from EU countries were around 137,6 million euros, or 46.3% of total imports, with a 13.1% increase. The highest shares of imports were from Germany (14.6%), Italy (5.7%), Romania (3.0%), Greece (2.8%), etc.

In December 2017, Kosovo's exports to CEFTA countries reached 11,9 million euros, or 40.5% of total exports, down by (-0.5%). The main export partners from CEFTA countries are: Albania (17.7%), Macedonia (9.6%), Serbia (5.5%), and Montenegro (5.5%).

While imports from CEFTA countries in December 2017 reached 79,6 million euros, or (26.8%) of total imports, an increase of 13.2%. The countries with the highest participation for imports were: Serbia (15.7%), Macedonia (4.2%), Albania (3.7%) and B & H (2.7%).

Kosovo's exports to other countries of the world reached 10,6 million euros, or 36.2%. The most important partners of these countries for export are worth mentioning: India (24.4%) and Switzerland (5.2%).

Meanwhile, Kosovo's imports to other countries reached 79,9 million euros, or 26.9%. The countries with the highest share of imports in this group were: China (9.6%) and Turkey (8.5%).

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