Influence of COVID-19 pandemic on the publications of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics

  • 10/04/2020

Being all informed about the situation of pandemic, which is developing rapidly due to coronavirus (known everywhere as COVID-19) and the measures taken by the competent institutions of the Republic of Kosovo for the protection against this pandemic, the Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) is still committed and will make every effort to fulfill its mission to provide users with the necessary statistical information. At the same time, KAS will continue with the publication of data that are considered necessary for the proper functioning of the economy, society and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo in general.

Therefore, all publications that may be affected by the condition created by COVID-19 pandemic will be postponed until further notice. For the safety and protection of the employees of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics and our users, the KAS is taking all necessary measures in accordance with the recommendations of the competent authorities. For this reason, some of our employees are working from home, while only the necessary or essential work of the staff that KAS considers as a priority, is being carried out in their workplaces, i.e. in KAS premises.

Data collection  

We are aware that due to the difficult working conditions, many reporting units will not be able to submit reports on time. Since, support from data sources is extremely important to us, in an effort to provide official statistical data for our users and the general public, we will make every effort to collect the various data and submit reports later once this situation is overcome.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that, currently, due to the situation on the ground by COVID-19, field surveys have been discontinued and will not be conducted by physical reporting units. Surveys will be conducted in appropriate and adequate forms, provided that the minimum conditions for their development are met.

Given the difficulties that are expected to appear in the process of collecting and processing statistical data, as well as their publications according to the deadlines set by KAS Publications Calendar, delays from the set deadlines are possible. All information on possible changes will be available on the KAS webpage

User information and requirements

We will respond to all your requests for statistical data as soon as possible. You can send your requests by e-mail to: and

You can also contact by phone: +383 (0) 38 200 31 129

Changes in the organization of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics

Based on the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, that all institutions reduce their engagements and general activities at the level of essential work; based on the requirements and guidelines from the EUROSTAT letter, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) as much as possible, respectively to focus only on the most priority statistical indicators; and, given that the safest way to communicate is to use alternative means of communication, such as e-mail, telephone and postal services, KAS has decided to limit meetings with users of statistical data, and with users of the KAS Library. For this reason, personal contacts, which are in our mutual interest, have been reduced, except for those personal contacts, which are absolutely necessary.

The Library

Until further notice, the Library is closed to users.


You can contact us at e-mail: or

Or on the phone: (+383) 038 200 31 129 or 147

KAS will continue to vigilantly monitor the progress of the situation and then adapt the activity of release of publications according to priority and needs. Therefore, you will be informed as soon as possible about any future developments.

Dear users, thank you for your understanding!