Hotel Statistics, Q3 2017

  • 07/12/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published Hotel Statistics in Kosovo for the third quarter (Q3) 2017.

In the third quarter of 2017 (Q3 2017), part of the survey were 137 hotels that operate in the territory of Kosovo. Most of the hotels are located in the region of Prishtina, Peja, Ferizaj, etc.

According to the survey, the capacity utilized at the country level is 12.71%.

In Q3 2017, the number of visitors was 34 625 visitors, of which 28.12% were local visitors and 71.88% were foreign visitors. Meanwhile, the number of nights of stay in Q3 2017 was 56 816 nights of stay, of which 22.84% were locals and 77.16% were foreigners.

The largest number of visitors and their nights of stay are in Prishtina region with 18 742 visitors and 28 524 nights of stay.

The largest number of foreign visitors is concentrated in Prishtina, Peja and so on. Whereas, as far as foreign visitors are concerned, the largest number was from Germany, Albania, Switzerland and so on.

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