Health Statistics, 2020

  • 01/10/2021

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Health Statistics" in 2020.

This publication provides data on the total number of employees in public and private health institutions, as well as other health activities in the Republic of Kosovo.

The publication of Health Statistics 2020 provides data on the activities of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK), the activities of general hospitals, visits to the Main Family Medicine Centers (MFMC), preclinical services, TB patients, infectious diseases, patients with malignant diseases, those affected by COVID-19, licensed private institutions, health insurance, etc.

The results of this publication indicate that the total number of employees in health in the public sector, in 2020, was 13 518 employees, of which: 3 555 were specialist doctors; 8 386 nurses; and 1 577 non-medical staff.

There were 4 006 357 visits to Family Medicine Centers, of which: 233 256 were dental visits; 926 496 were laboratory services; and 4 229 213 were special interventions and services.

In the General Hospitals there were: 274 086 days of recovery; 63 464 hospitalized patients; and 11 394 operated patients. Also, 614 094 outpatient visits were performed, while 1 531 527 laboratory services were performed.

In 2020, in the University Clinical Center (UCCK) there were: 329 986 days of recovery; 64 778 hospitalized patients; and 14 718 operated patients. About 307 525 diagnostic visits for patients were also performed; 364 654 outpatient visits; 1 009 471 laboratory services; and 400 243 special services.

In the University Clinical Dental Center of Kosovo (UCDCK) were performed 159 507 dental services in total, of which: about 28 414 checks or screening visits; 37 637 services for patients outside Prishtina, etc.

The number of new cases identified and treated with malignant and benign diseases in 2020 was 2 787. Whereas, the largest number of those with malignant and benign diseases belonged to the age group 60-64 years, with a total of 401 cases.

The number of dialysis performed in 2020 in all public hospitals in Kosovo was 118 549. Whereas, the number of services by professional mental health centers was 88 593.

There were 441 cases of TBC, of ​​which 198 were female and 243 were male.

The number of deaths from contagious diseases was 1 344 persons, with the highest number of deaths being from COVID-19 with 1 336 cases.

The number of medical staff engaged in UCCK and general hospitals, which treated patients with COVID-19, was 1 951 persons.

According to the chambers of health professionals, in Kosovo there were 24 092 licensed health workers, of them 14 966 are females and 9 126 are males.

The number of licensed private health institutions has reached 1 582, of which 31 hospitals and 1 551 other health institutions such as: ambulances, polyclinics, etc.

Out of a total of 1 582 licensed private health institutions, the largest number are dental clinics with 411 of them.