Health Statistics, 2017

  • 06/11/2018

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Health Statistics in 2017".

This publication provides data on the total number of employees in public health institutions by gender and educational level, data on the activities of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK), activities of general hospitals, visits to the Main Family Medicine Centers, pre-clinical services, TB patients, contagious diseases in Kosovo, etc.

According to the results of this publication, it results that in 2017 the total number of health employees in the public sector was 14,061, of which 3,628 were specialist physicians or doctors, 8,989 nurses and 1,444 non-medical staff.

The total number of services provided by the Family Medical Centers was 18,763,237, of which 688,301 visits were in Family Medicine, dental visits were 384,655, laboratory services were 855,675, and the Special Interventions and Services were 6,006,009.

In 2017, there were 496,394 days of recovery in the University Clinical Center with 79,134 hospitalised patients, with 23,520 of whom were operated. There were about 397,546 patient visits, 427,897 ambulatory visits, 1,144,220 laboratory services and 644,269 special services.

In General Hospitals there were 385,317 days of recovery with 85,839 hospitalised patients where 16,989 of hospitalized patients were operated. There were 688,863 ambulatory visits, while laboratory services (parameters) were 1,464,225.

At the University Dental Clinic of Kosovo (UDCK) there were 348,083 dental services in total, out of which about 55,691 check visits, 87,867 services for patients outside Prishtina, and so on.

The number of cases treated with malignant and benign diseases in 2017 was 4,729, while the number of new cases identified was 2,902.

The number of infectious diseases was 164,583.

The number of deaths from contagious diseases was 68.

The number of TBs affected was 722.

The number of licensed private health institutions has reached 1,333, out of which 26 are hospitals and 1,307 other health institutions such as ambulances, polyclinics, and so on. Out of a total of 1,333 licensed private health institutions, the largest number are dental clinics with 549 or 41.2% of the total number of licensed private institutions.