Health Statistics, 2015

  • 04/11/2016

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has released "Health Statistics 2015". 

This publication provides information about the total number of employees in public health institutions according to gender and level of education; the activities of the Kosovo University Clinical Centre (UCC); the activities of general hospitals; visits to the Main Family Medicine Centre; the key indicators of hospital treatment; for preclinical services; for patients with TB; infectious diseases, etc.

According to the results derived from this publication, the total number of employees in the public health sector in 2015 was 14 033, of them: medical specialists 4 071, or 21% of staff; nurses 8 520, or 62%; and 1442, or 16% of the staff are non-medical staff.

The number of cases dealt with malignant disease was 2 469. The highest number of cases of malignant disease were treated with melanoma and other malignant neoplasms of the skin with 464 cases, or 18.8%, followed by malignant breast neoplasm in 439 cases, or 16.1%.

In University Hospital Clinical Service of Kosovo (UHCSK) in 2015 were 877 266 hospitalisation days at the Kosovo level with 160 793 hospitalized patients. Based on reports received, and presented, it results that there were 39 522 operations performed. While the total number of visits in the Family Medicine Centres was 9 542 233 service visits (parameters).

In 2015, of all medical services in UHCSK, 39 522 were operations, while the average length of treatment was 5.4 days. In UCC was.6 days on average for patient recovery, and in general was 4.45 hospitalization days for patient. Capacity utilization was 60.03%. UCC has accessibility capacity with 65.74%, while general hospitals have to 53.35%.

All public hospitals in Kosovo had 22 804 births. 6 218 births were performed with the operation, while 16 586 births were conducted in the normal way. The number of children born was 23 025.

The number of private health institutions licensed reached the number 1 062, among them: 25 hospitals and 1 037 other health institutions such as ambulances, polyclinics, etc.

Large number of ambulances licensed by type were dental clinics, with 447 or 28.5%.

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