Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices, 2020

  • 28/05/2021

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has released the annual data of the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) in 2020.

The annual publication of the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) is harmonized according to the international concept, and has been implemented since January 2015 and contains time series on an annual basis for the period 2002-2020, recalculated with the base year 2015 = 100.

The average annual inflation rate in 2020 was 0.2%.

The total harmonized index of consumer prices in the country in 2020 was higher at an average of 0.2 percent, compared to 2019. This is mainly explained by the increase in consumer prices in the COICOP subgroups: bread and cereals (2.3%); meat (1.8%), where each of these subgroups contributed by 0.2 percent to the HICP); milk, cheese and eggs (1.8%); fruits (5.0%); coffee, tea and cocoa (5.4%); water, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices (1.7%); medical products, apparatus and equipment (4.4%); telephone and fax services (2.2%); hotel services (2.3%); insurance (15.7%), which each subgroup contributed by 0.1 percent to the HICP; sugar and cakes (3.4%); tobacco (1.3%); household appliances (1.0%); outpatient services (5.8%); personal care (1.3%); personal belongings (3.2%), with a combined impact of these subgroups by 0.2 percent on the HICP.

While, a decrease in prices is observed in the COICOP subgroups: use of personal transport means (-12.0%) - "decrease in oil and gasoline prices", with an impact of (-0.9%) on the HICP; vegetables (-5.6%), with an impact of (-0.2%) on the HICP; clothing (-1.2%); audio-visual, photographic equipment for information processing (-1.8%), with a common impact of these subgroups of (-0.1%) on the HICP.