Enterprise Investment Statistics, 2018

  • 28/02/2020

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) for the first time publishes data on Enterprise Investment Statistics in 2018.

KAS Enterprise Investment Statistics survey for the first time conducted in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo in 2019. The survey was conducted in enterprises that have declared investment purchases in annual amount of over 20 thousand Euros.

According to the results of this survey, construction investments (buildings and other construction structures) occupy the major part of investments (68.73%). Other investments, which account for a significant portion, are: machinery and equipment (21.32%); intellectual property products (3.98%); cultivated biological investments and greenhouses in agriculture (0.75%); and investments in tangible assets (not produced) (5.23%).

By enterprise size: 36.7% of investments were made by micro enterprises (1-9 employees); 35.7% of investments in small enterprises (10-49 employees); 20.9% of investments in medium-sized enterprises (50-249 employees); and 6.7% of investments in large enterprises (250+, employees).

According to the results of the survey, enterprises in the region of Prishtina achieved the highest percentage of investments with 44.4%; region of Ferizaj with 16.5%; region of Peja with 14%; region of Prizren with 12.6%; region of Gjilan with 8.8%; region of Gjakova with 2.9%; and region of Mitrovica with 0.8%.

According to the source of investment funds, the survey results show that: 51.5% of the value of investments, enterprises have realized from their own funds; 21.6% from domestic bank loans; 19.2% from local co-investors; 3.2% from foreign co-investors; and 4.5% from other forms.