Energy Balance in Kosovo, 2020

  • 25/06/2021

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has released the publication of "Annual Energy Balance in Kosovo in 2020".

This document reflects the physical energy flows of all types and energy resources that were used in Kosovo in 2020.

Thus, according to the tables presented, we have observed that the total (gross) amount of energy available for use (consumption) in 2020 was 2733.89 ktoe.

The available quantity of coal has increased compared to 2019 by 2.22%, the available quantity of oil products has decreased compared to 2020 by 1.56%.

Lignite is the dominant product with a share of 99.95% in the total coal as the primary resource available, followed by bituminous coal and other 0.05%.

Imports of oil products in 2020 were 748.65 ktoe.

Oil accounts for about 67% of the total amount of oil products available, followed by oil coke 11%, gasoline by 7%, LPG 5%, etc.