Energy Balance in Kosovo, 2017

  • 29/06/2018

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the Energy Balance in Kosovo for the year of  2017.

This publication reflects the physical flows of energy of all types and sources that have been used in Kosovo in 2017.

According to the data presented, we notice that the total (gross) amount of energy available for use (consumption) in 2017 was 2533.89 ktoe.

The available quantity of coal has decreased compared to 2016 by 14.05%, while the available oil product volume has increased compared to 2016 by 10.49%.

Lignite is also the dominant product with the participation by 99.91% in the total coal as the primary source available, followed by bituminous coal with 0.08%. Kosovo possesses only lignite reserves, but not other types of coal. The needs for other types of coal are met by import.

The import of oil products in 2017 was 728.70 ktoe, compared with 2016 there was an increase by about 10.34%.

Oil accounts for 64% of the total amount of oil products available, followed by oil coke at 13%, gasoline by 9%, LPG 5%, and so on.

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