Divorce Statistics in Kosovo, 2018

  • 25/07/2019

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Divorce Statistics in Kosovo in 2018". The data in this publication are presented on the basis of administrative data collection for 2018 by the Basic Courts, where a total of 999 statistical sheets for divorces were collected. These data indicate that in Kosovo in 2018, 999 couple are reported divorced.

Of them, ethnic Albanian men are 96.0%, Serbs 0.3%, Turk 0.2%, Bosniaks 1.1%, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians 0.5% and other with 1.9%.

Women divorced by ethnicity are: Albanian 81.4%, Serbian 0.5%, Turkish 0.3%, Bosnian 1.2%, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians 0.4% and other with 16.2%.

According to the duration of the marriage, the first year is 13.7%, the second year with 11.1% and less than a year with 8.2% of divorced persons.

Divorces by age group are dominated by women aged 25-29 with 234 divorces or 23.4%, while men dominant age is 25-29 years with 218 or 21.8%.

According to education level, dominate women and men with secondary education, the number of women in this category is 319 or 31.9%, and the number of men is 372 or 37.2%.

The largest number of divorced couples are without children with 74.1%, with a child 9.4% and two children with 9.4%.