Deaths Statistics in Kosovo, 2017

  • 29/06/2018

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Death Statistics in Kosovo" for 2017.

In 2017 there were 9 670 cases of deaths reported by family members and registered in register books for deaths. Out of these, deaths which occurred in Kosovo were 8 721, while the deaths outside Kosovo were recorded in 949 total.

Of the total reported deaths which occurred in Kosovo, 4 816 were males or 55.2% and 3 905 were females or 44.8%.

Out of all cases of deaths, 45.4% of them have occurred in healthcare institutions, while 53.1% have occurred at home and 1.5% in other place.

According to the municipality where death occurred, most cases occurred in Prishtina with 2 304 deaths or 23.8%; Prizren has 1 013 deaths or 10.5%; Peja has 640 deaths or 6.6% etc. The age of the dead was 60 and older with 80.4% of them.

The third quarter of the year accounts for 34.7% of deaths, while December has 9.6% of reported deaths. According to nationality, 91.1% of deaths are Albanians.

Violent deaths in 2017 totaled 175 cases or 2.0%.

The number of deaths by fatality was 131 or 74.9.8%; the number of suicides was 32 or 18.3% and the number of homicides was 12 or 6.9%. All violent deaths were dominated by age 20-49 in males and females.

Meanwhile, the number of dead infants for 2017 was 228 or 2.6%. The number of dead infant males was 139 or 61.0% and females 89 or 39.0%.

Dead infants up to 6 days were 132 or 57.9%; from 7 to 27 days were 46 or 20.2%; and from 28 days to 1 year were 50 or 21.9%.

The source of the data in this publication are the Basic Register Books for Deaths based on the Law on Civil Status No. 04/L-003. Whereas, reporting units are the Civil Status Offices of Kosovo. Meanwhile, the data collection is done through the statistical questionnaire for death, Dem-2.