Death Statistics in Kosovo, 2019

  • 25/06/2020

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the "Deaths Statistics in Kosovo" in 2019.

The source of the data in this publication are the basic registers for deaths, based on the Law no. 04/L-003 on Civil Status. The reporting units are the civil status offices of Kosovo. Data collection was done through the statistical questionnaire for death, Dem-2.

Deaths reported by family members and recorded / registered in the registry books for deaths in 2019 were 10 560 cases, of which 9 430 of deaths occurred in Kosovo, and a total of 1 130 deaths occurred outside Kosovo.

Of the total reported deaths occurring in Kosovo alone, 5 105 are male, or 54.1%, and 4 325 are female, or 45.9%.

42.8% of deaths occurred in health institutions, 55.7% occurred at home and 1.5% elsewhere.

According to the municipality, Pristina leads with 2 609 cases of deaths, or 24.7%; Prizren with 938 cases, or 8.9%; Peja with 639 cases, or 6.1%, etc. The age of the dead at 81.6% is 60 and older.

The first quarter of the year accounts for 27.0%, while in March alone there were 9.5% of reported deaths. Whereas, 90.8% of the cases are Albanian.

Violent deaths reported in 2019 are a total of 157 cases or 1.7%.

The number of deaths by fatality is 103 or 65.6%; suicide are 39 cases or 24.8% and homicide is 15 or 9.6%. Fatalities dominate by the age of 50 and more for male, while suicides and homicides are dominated by the age group of 20-40.

A total of 189 cases of infant deaths in 2019 were reported, with their share of total deaths is 1.8%. Male infant deaths are 97 cases, or 51.3%; and female infant deaths are 92 cases, or 48.7%.

Infant deaths up to 6 days were 118 cases, or 62.4%; 7 to 27 days were 45 cases, or 23.8%; and 28 to 364 days were 26 cases, or 13.8%.

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